I’m obsessed with personal growth and constant improvement. I'm fully committed to the process of becoming the best version of myself.

I’m on a mission to inspire people like you to shoot for the stars, dare to be great, and make your vision a reality. I want to utilize my platform in a unique way to help you achieve your goals and experience personal success.

I'm chris mueller

chicago native. pro footballer. reader. writer. lifelong student of the game.

james 1:12

blessed is the man who perserveres under trial because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

My Motto

Hence, BTB was born.

After going all in on the process of colliding my vision with my reality, I made it happen. I won a championship, got drafted, and began playing the game I love in stadiums full of tens of thousands of people. Just like I dreamed about as a kid.

I witnessed, firsthand, what someone could accomplish if they commit themselves to the process of becoming the best they can be.

BTB became my mantra. I live and die by the day-to-day process that supports my mission to become the best version of myself.

I believe that each person is put on this planet for a reason, and that everyone is made for more. But not enough people believe in themselves. We need to learn how to build unshakeable confidence, tune out the noise, and bet on ourselves.

I believe that if each person were to discover this potential inside of them and constantly pursue the journey of becoming the best version of themselves, the world would be a better place. We’d have more love and less hate. We'd have better medicine, better technology, better entertainment and we’d all live better, happier lives.

I hope to inspire you to pursue more. To be better. To strive to become the best version of yourself with every decision you make, every single day.
That’s the BTB way.

My journey has been full of unique experiences, but there's one in particular that ignited the fire the for the lifestyle now known as BTB.

During my junior year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I began taking my dream of playing pro to the next level after I was given a book by a friend of mine. It was called Mind Gym, by Gary Mack.

The book planted a seed in me that I had no clue would change my life. Reading that book sparked the idea inside my mind that everything I needed to succeed was actually available to me. I just needed to pursue it.

I realized that by reading, I could learn from the top experts around the world about mindset, sports psychology, nutrition, habits, and more. The resources I needed to improve the quality of my life were waiting to be tapped into.

I understood from that point on, that I needed to dive deeper into the process of maximizing my potential. I needed to increase my commitment to my achieving my goals and make the sacrifices required in order to succeed.

From that day forward, I started paying close attention to the details. I did everything I could to improve my performance. Anything that might help me accomplish my dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Looking for any and every way to sharpen my craft, personal-growth  became my obsession. 

The real story

How i grew from just a young kid with a dream, to actually living it


Learn how to develop unshakable self-confidence to achieve your goals.

coming soon!


3 things i thank god for every day

My Family

My family's been with me since day 1. they've believed in me, have given me strength and supported me no matter what. that's something i'll forever be thankful for.

My Career

only by the grace of god is it possible that i'm living my dream of playing professional soccer, meeting legends, and connecting with and inspiring fans all around the world.

My Health

my health is not something i take for granted. each day i wake up, can walk, see and breath, is a true blessing.

By using what I've learned along my journey, I hope to share all of the tips and tools I've adapted to help me get to this point in my career. These are the systems and methods I've applied to achieve success in my life and the ones I will continue to use as I grow as a player and a person.

How can I help YOU?